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ERP for Production, Production Marketing Module

Improve your efficiency by adapting your Marketing to the customers’ request. Analyze the competition’s ERP for Production data and adjust your strategy. Create Promotions in real time and follow dynamically the sales trend.

What can our Marketing solutions bring to your business?

  • A total understanding of your competitive environment.
  • An immediate update of your marketing documents placed online.
  • An easy and efficient tool to analyze your marketing campaign.
  • To actively inform your customers.
  • A better knowledge of your clients in order to better answer to their information requests.
  • An increased scope of potential clients.
  • To improve your product promotions.

Marketing Modules

  • Newsletters and tracking.
  • Marketing events and schedules.
  • Promotion campaign management.
  • Press Relations.
  • Products and services.
  • Marketing products management.
  • Benchmarking.
  • Marketing segments and analysis.


verp Marketing-ERP-Software-in-Kolkata
verp Marketing-Solutions-in-ERP-India
verp Marketing-Solutions-in-ERP-India

Newsletters and tracking

Inform your customers and prospects about your company news, events and product launches. Complete text of each section of the form and send it automatically to all customers selected in ERP for Production. Place links and images trackable so you can know which customers have opened, read and clicked on the different sections of your letter. All this information can be found in the customer record / CRM contacts. Use this information to create new customer segments to contact.

verp Marketing-Products-Management-in-Kolkata

Marketing events and schedules

Plan your marketing events (Meeting, Conference, Exhibition) and mention the invited people. Allocate the place, define the customers attendees, and display financial and marketing information among all authorized users. Define the tasks ERP for Production for all team members. Store the marketing documents in a shared folder for them to complete or read. Afterwards analyze all customers presence with their actual sales from the CRM module, get questionnaires filled-in after the events, and analyze the feed back in order to improve your next event.

Press Relations

Store all editorials or advertisments published over the time by newspaper, subject, brands, products and attach the images or scan documents. ERP for Production Provide to your website or extranet solution the list of all articles displayed on your company, and allow your partners to search, browse and filter the PR database to export the requested file in a nice PDF format.

Promotion campaign management

Manage all promotions depending on the type of distribution network, customer segments, brands, lines and products. Define objectives in terms of turnover, margin, number of customers, market share or other. Get all the validation by the respective managers to launch your promotion. Track sales promotions in real time. ERP for Production Analyze the results and automatically get the sales rank, the best promotions.

Marketing segments and analysis

This application allows you to create segments of prospects or customers based on different criteria. Use these segments to develop marketing plans with actions (Newsletter -> call -> sending documentation – > Meeting -> offer -> Contract.) Then use the other applications like ERP for Production integrated into the Portal to launch these plans with dedicated teams and monitor the actions. The Funnel chart lets you see the effectiveness of your plans against the estimates and previous plans.


Marketing Products Management

ERP for Production Make and follow-up the inventory of all displays, catalogs, and marketing products. Manage their attribution, destination, and cost. Share the information with all the people involved.


Follow the market trends with this module by analyzing information relating to your competitors and their activities. ERP for Production Analyze their latest products and projects, store their marketing and financial indicators, their structure and strategies. Allow your company quickly to increase its market key factors by improving your prices and products. Collect all the necessary reports and charts and share them with the persons involved. Keep in your Intranet portal the best indicators ERP for Production to update the market survey.