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verp Source-Code-of-Sales-Module

ERP for automobiles, Social Responsibilities

Features of Social Responsibilities :

  • Streamlines purchase and process cycles.
  • Handles pre-sales and sales activities of the organization.
  • Complete stock-to-dock tracking of sales order processing cycle.
  • Detailed Customers / Business Partners / Dealers database including bank details, TDS details, contact details and credit limit.
  • Order amendment history.
  • Authorization of orders and invoices.
  • Order scheduling over a period of time and tracking delivery schedule.
  • Order tracking through status and transaction reports.
  • Generation of production advice to plan for production based on sales orders.
  • Order processing based on MRP.
  • Preparation of dispatch advice.
  • Multiple dispatches against single Sales Order.
  • Invoice generation with advance adjustments sales voucher automatically generated in Finance.
  • Tracking sales returns.
  • Flexibility to define customer-specific prices for products and reference to customer part no.
  • Multiple dispatch location for customers / dealers.
  • Complete export documentation for export oriented companies.
  • Excise details (chapter no. associated with excisable products).
  • Quotations and amendments to quotations with complete history.
  • Different types of orders can be generated to suit varied needs of customers.
  • Order entry for direct / scheduled / open / D3 / sample orders with details for Dealers, incentive % and competition.
  • Order calculation based on price offered, discounts (line and total), excise, taxes, freight etc.
  • Letter of credit details for association with sales orders.
  • Rejection invoice for rejections made against purchases with excise consideration.
  • MIS for analyzing sales trends to project and forecast sales.
  • Stock Transfer between warehouses for multi-location companies.
  • Service invoice for services given to customers.
  • Variance reports.
  • Enables top view - consolidation of sales data for all child companies.
  • CRM integration.